Profile Angelique
Founder & CEO of Athenorm Intelligence, Gender Equality Impact & Una Collective
  • LinkedIn Nabila Sofia Echadli


"I turned my interests and strengths into my career. Let me help you with doing that, too. Being an entrepreneur is the purest form of self-expression for me. Show the world who you are and what you are capable of. It needs you."

Nabila Sofia Echadli




Profile Nelieke
Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Herman Rutgers Interim Search

"Let me help you take your next career step. I can answer you any question you might have about recruitment and career development."

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Nelieke Wismans
Profile Karin
Solution Activation
Leader at EY
  • LinkedIn Karin Loohuis



"Work smarter, not harder! I can help you think about ways to reach your career objectives in a different and authentic way."


Karin Loohuis
Profile Angelique
Co-Founder at pursuit.femmes
  • LinkedIn Karin Loohuis


"Helping junior career women is like giving a beautiful tree enough water, so she has time to grow her roots deep into the ground - loyal to herself and reaching for the sky. So, if I can help, by giving water or soil to enrich the ground for women: Yes I will!"




Profile Carla
Head of Corporate Treasury at NN Group



"Looking at the diamond – you – from a different angle? I would love to grab a Klapstoel and be that person you seek to have a conversation with to explore the things you would like to fast-forward. 


Carla Hoogweg.jpg
Profile Carola
  • LinkedIn Carola Bos
Vice President Consulting Services at CGI Nederland



"You are powerful and in the lead of your own career. I am here to help you discover your talents and put them into practice."



Carola Bos
Profile Johanna
  • LinkedIn Johanna Spiller



"The future is yours, ladies! I am here to help you take your folding chair to the right table."


Founder Klapstoel
Johanna Spiller