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Connecting Young Female Talents and Klapstoel Seniors is at the core of everything we do. We believe in the power of community and its collective wisdom being the driver of change and more gender equity in the organization we work in and lead.

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Klapstoel Accelerator Program [ORGANIZATIONS]

We offer cross-company training programs to professionally develop your Young Female Talents and assess, consult, and certify your organization in leading the gender equity movement.


Career Advice Sessions [INDIVIDUALS]

From Senior Classes to One-on-One Coachings and VrouwMiBos. We offer a variety of sessions for young women in business to learn from our Klapstoel Seniors and connect to 200+ like-minded Chairmakers and our Klapstoel Seniors.


Klapstoel Community [ENTREPRENEURS]

We are a community of courageous, ambitious, forward-thinking female leaders in the North. We offer a network of female entrepreneurs that allows us to inspire and celebrate one another, and have honest conversations about our business and our experience as entrepreneurs. 

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