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5 Role Models To Get Inspired By

We all love to feel inspired, and if you read our last blog post (if you didn't, here is the link), you know how important female role models are for women and little girls everywhere. Role models and female representation help them understand their limitless potential and encourage them to pursue their dreams


That is why we decided that our next post should highlight some of the many female innovators, leaders, and change-agents of the world, to make you feel empowered to create and achieve your own aspirations, regardless of status quo. 


Are you ready? Grab some tea or coffee, sit back in your dream chair, and continue reading! 


1. Mae Jemison 


During her childhood, Mae was always captivated by books about science and astronomy, something that drove her to want to become a scientist. Mae decided to become a doctor, having joined the Peace Corps in 1983, as she wanted to bring in positive change and actively help others. After spending 2 years providing medical care and support in West Africa, she decided to apply to NASA. By 1987, Mae became the first woman of colour to be accepted into NASA's austronaut training programme, and only a few years later, made history as the first African American woman to go to space (so, not even the sky is the limit)! 


2. Amanda Gorman 


Amanda is an American poet and social activist, known for her speeches on feminism, oppression, and race. She was the first person to be awarded the tiltle of National Youth Poet Laureate. In 2021, she entered the Time magazine's 100 Next list as one of the most influential people in the world.  


3. Samela Sateré Mawé 


Samela, born as an Amazonian, is an environmental and social activist who dedicates her life to protect and advocate for the rights and wellness of the Amazon and the people who live there. She uses social media as a tool to deconstruct and demystify the social constructs around indigenous populations and the world's environmental pursuits. 


4. Tu Youyou 


Tu Youyou is the first Chinese scientist and phytochemist to have received a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2015, for discovering a compound that treats Malaria (so, she basically is the brain behind the cure for this disease). Because of this groundbreaking discovery, she was able to save millions of lives. 


5. Mary Seacole 


Mary learned nursery and healing practices from a young age from her mother. She was also always very passionate about traveling, and since her youth traveled to different countries by herself – something that went against the status quo of the time. 

After being declined to work as a military nurse during the Crimean War, she decided to go to the Crimean Peninsula and developed a hotel and boarding house to provide food, clothes, and support for wounded soldiers. She is remembered as a strong entrepreneur and nurse, who dedicated her life to helping those in need.


Of course there are countless more examples of incredible female role models to be moved by. This is simply a quick look into the inspiring lives of career women everywhere, showing that you can also be the owner of your path and achieve all your wildest dreams. 


Who is your female role model?

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