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A message to your younger self

Updated: Mar 18

Okay little one, let me tell you something. 


Maybe you grew up feeling this urge to speak up, to show that you have a voice and that what you have to say matters. Or maybe you thought that you still needed to do some growing up, and looked at others with admiration because they had this sense of self-confidence and assurance that you didn't seem to grasp just yet.


Maybe you were encouraged to speak up, to show your unique, strong and adorable character. Or maybe (hopefully not) you were not really taken seriously, because you were still a child. Because life did not happen to you yet. Because everything is so much more complex than it seems when you are 6 years old.   


Maybe you knew what you wanted to be in your career from the time you were able to walk. Or maybe you changed career dreams every other year. 


Maybe you were sure of yourself and did not let others determine or evaluate your worth as an individual or as a professional. And you fought for what you believed recklessly and relentlessly, because it just felt right. Or maybe, people (because we are so complex) made you doubtful, brought you down, questioned or undervalued your capabilities and your potential.  


Maybe growing up was a mixture of amazing and heartbreaking moments, and that is okay. It's just how life works. You grew up to realise that it is exactly that that makes you the incredible person you are today. 


Well, I am here to tell you: You did great (and continue to do great). 

You did your best with the knowledge and experience that you had and you should be proud (I certainly am). I want you to know that you can be as good as any other in what you do. Your dreams and values should not be limited to what others say fits you. You are more than capable of doing anything you set your mind to.  


I am here to tell you: Speak up.  

Share what’s going on in that little head of yours. There is so much potential, so much knowledge, so much power within you. I hope you never let that go away. Don’t worry if you’re “too loud”, “too nosy”, or “too much”. There is no such thing. 


I am here to tell you: It's okay to not know. 

You will figure it out. It might take a while, and maybe there is no straight path. There is also no right or wrong path. You might change dreams all throughout your life and honestly that is great, it makes life exciting. You get to pursue something new (think of all the stories you get to tell).  

Just make sure you do something that is meaningful to you and makes you happy. That's all that really matters in the end. 


I am here to tell you: Your past does not define you. 

Good or bad, the good thing about the future is that there are no limits to what can happen. If your past was empowering and good, reminisce on the good times and continue your path with confidence. If your past was not the best, this is your chance to rewrite history. There is so much more good in the world and I see a bright future for you so keep fighting and don't give up. 


What message would you send to your younger self?

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