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Beyond the paycheck: why a company's culture matters

Decision time
You've applied to several positions, been called for interviews, and they went well. Now, you might receive multiple offers. They come with similar salaries, accessible locations, and good benefits. So, what could help you choose one over the others?
Job growth opportunities within the company? Certainly, a factor. But perhaps even more crucial is the company's culture. So, let's delve into why a company's culture matters when job hunting, especially when decision time approaches.

Company culture, what is it?
A company’s culture is the essence of its operations, shaping the interactions among employees. A firm with a strong, non-toxic culture not only benefits its employees but also boosts its overall success—more so than one still defining its culture or one with a problematic environment.
But what constitutes company culture?
While the specifics can differ from one company to another, certain components should always be present. Company culture isn't solely about free lunches, pet-friendly offices, or other attractive perks. It centres on the company's core values: how employees are treated and valued, communication across the organization, fairness, and equal opportunities.

Why does it matter?
So, why should you prioritize a company's culture when contemplating a potential job?
It'll be the environment you interact and progress in, possibly for an extended period. It's essential that this environment fosters growth, satisfaction, and comfort. Ideally, you should head to work with a spring in your step, eager to start the day.
When there's alignment between you and a company's culture, you'll likely stay longer, enjoying both the environment and the colleagues. Interactions become more effortless and fluid. The work-life balance, which many struggles with, becomes more attainable.
If, after the interview process and seeing the environment firsthand, you're still unsure whether it's the right fit for you, that might indicate it isn't.

Time for a women-friendly workplace!
Especially for women, it's vital to find a non-toxic workplace. Historically, women have faced too much misogyny, inequity, and injustice at work. It's high time for change, and for women to thrive in environments that truly value and support their growth and prosperity.
So, do not overlook the culture within the companies you apply to. That first feeling you had when you met with the employees, and how the environment made you feel, this is the important one. The one that you should go back to when making a decision. The company’s culture, from the first meeting, should make you feel like you belong, like this is the place. If there is any doubt, then it probably is the sign this isn’t the place for you. You want a place where you will be given all the tools to reach your full potential, to get that seat at the table. So, follow that gut instinct, and choose the place with the right culture for you.
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