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Job hunting: essential tips for beginners and experts alike

Updated: Jan 29

Are you currently in the process of looking for a job?
Been a long time since you last applied or it is your first time looking for one?
Don’t worry we have a few tips for you to put all the chances on your side to find THE job for you!
Because, whether you are looking for your first job or you have been part of the working force for a while, some elements cannot be overlooked. And you should approach this part of your life with all the confidence in the world.

The right CV for the right job
A resume or CV will be needed in both cases. They will look a bit different, though, content wise.
For your first job, you will have to include your internship(s) and other experiences you might have had such as volunteering, student job etc.
For when you have already been working for a bit (or a while), the roles you have occupied, and the achievements you have garnered while in that position, need to be included. It makes it more concrete and shows what YOU can bring to the table.
In both cases, you shouldn’t put EVERYTHING you have ever done, but focus on the things relevant to the position you are applying to. Tailoring your resume is really important. And if the potential employer wants to know more, they can always ask for clarification during the interview.
Also, something to keep in mind while writing that CV and making it appealing to the eye, is that some (quite a lot, and more and more) companies use a machine to scan through all the applications. And if it can’t read the resume, it will automatically be discarded, even if you would be a perfect match for the position. You can find an array of articles on what your resume should look like to pass the test of the machine easily online, but has a wide array of tips and tricks!
The first pitch: the motivation letter
A motivation letter can also be needed. It seems that some companies are moving away from them now, but they are still asked on a regular basis. The motivation letter is there to complement your resume and is your chance to make the first pitch to the company about what you can bring to them. As such, it should be, just like your resume, tailored to each position you will apply to, while keeping the same main ideas. Do not overlook this part, whether it is for your first job or for a new job, because employers can get a lot out of them and see who you are as a person. AI tools can be very useful in helping you write a good motivation letter, but don’t forget: AI is a machine, and it can lack the emotions that make us all humans. So, use it with parsimony and adapt the content so that it sounds like YOU, and not a machine, wrote that letter.
Patience will pay off
Job hunting can be a long process, and it can sometimes take months to find THE job you are looking for, the ONE you feel will be best fitted for YOU. While, especially when it’s for your first job, you might want to take the first offer that comes to you, sometimes it might be wise to say no. It is scary to say no, but if you think about it, and that job doesn’t feel like the right one for you, is it not worth it to maybe wait for the next offer? Easier said than done, but keep it in mind, it might save you a few headaches.
Network to get the work And, whether it is your first time looking for a job or you are looking for a new one (or even a career change), use your network. It is a goldmine of opportunities, and one could fall on your lap (not that likely, but hey, who knows). LinkedIn truly can be your best friend, so don’t shy away from it and use it! The word spreads faster there than one could think!
So good luck on that job search and don’t lose hope! You will find THE job for you, and even if it is not perfect, or as you had hoped, it is always positive, no matter what!

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