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Personal take on: Work-Life Balance

Let’s have a little POV moment, shall we?


Good news! You just found a new job, and you’re super excited to start this new chapter of your life. You want to do great and live up to the expectations your team has of you (or even exceed them). So, you start working overtime, taking on any task that comes your way. The lines that separate personal and professional life start to become blurred, and you are just one step away from turning into your worst nightmare: a workaholic with no social life and on the verge of burnout every other week.


Does this resonate with you? It sure does for me!


But hey, nothing wrong with loving to work and wanting to do well! I – a self-diagnosed perfectionist with a tendency to go the extra mile and overwork myself – love to work and feel like it can be a really rewarding experience. The problem is that I very much struggle to find a healthy balance between work and my personal and (although barely existent) social life.


And I am sure I am not the only one! Many of us wish to prove our worth and potential by showing up and doing everything that we can to make others proud. Be it our family, friends, co-workers, or even ourselves (especially ourselves). But here is the thing: overworking yourself can strongly affect your health and well-being. Also, if you spend too much time working or thinking about work, other parts of your life (equally if not more important parts) are affected. Let’s not turn ourselves into the Grinch and isolate ourselves in work when there are so many memories to be created with our loved ones, adventures to go on, and moments to spend on ourselves and our happiness. Doesn’t it sound exciting?


So, take it from me, a not-at-all expert on the topic who also has not found the right balance yet but is working on it (sorry I needed a second to breathe there), work-life balance is invaluable for a happy and worthwhile life. And because I am such a great friend, here are some ways you can achieve this harmony in your life that you so greatly deserve:


1. A planner is your absolute best friend when it comes to time management

Make a schedule of your priorities for the day (make it realistic and time-defined) and stick to it! I swear to you, once you have a structure of your tasks for the day, you can better manage your time and end up feeling more productive in the end (plus you get an excuse to buy one of those crazy expensive but pretty planners). Also, if you’re a person who works better with digital platforms, I recommend using Monday (a lot of functions and the best part of it: it is free)


2. Sometimes you just have to say ‘No’

Yes, I know it is hard, but I am calling out all the people-pleasers out there to say that it is okay to not accept an extra task on top of everything you already must do. It will make you feel overwhelmed and stressed, and it will end up being counterproductive. If a coworker asks you to do a task that you cannot include in your busy day, just explain the situation and kindly refuse. People are usually very understanding of that, so don’t you worry!


3. Remember to take breaks at work

Just because you work a 9 to 5, does not mean you shouldn’t stop for 8 hours straight! Take small breaks to recharge. You can go outside and have a change of scenery (only advise this one when the weather is nice and warm, otherwise stay inside), grab something to drink or eat, or have some fun coffee dates with co-workers throughout the week to catch up and share some laughs. This is also part of your work and will keep you motivated and happy.



4. Always make time for yourself 

When you leave work, don’t think about work. I know, pretty straightforward, but it is difficult to put these thoughts into practice, so what I like to do is include a time slot in my schedule every day where I have the time to hang out with friends, do some hobbies, or just rest and have some me time (which usually involves sleeping more than 8 hours or binge-watching a comfort series). This will trigger your hardworking brain to focus on yourself and the things you want to do (and deserve to do) in your free time.


These are some of my tips on how to create and maintain a better work-life balance and enjoy life for all it has to offer! Remember, this does not compromise your performance and worth as a professional, and only improves your motivation, creativity, and results! So, take a break, go read another blog post while you’re at it, and remember that you are great at what you do, and I believe in your potential!

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