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Women Who Are Changing The World Today

We advocate for the power and relevance of being an agent of positive change, in the world we are part of today.

Because of this, here is a list of 5 (out of the many) women who are advocating and fighting for better, more equal, and fairer realities for all.

Zainab Fasiki

Zainab Fasiki is a Moroccan artist, women's rights activist, and mechanical engineer. Her work as a graphic novelist acts as a feminist act, where she explores themes of gender inequality, censorship, and taboos in Morocco.

Abisoye Ajayi-Akinfolarin

Abisoye is an entrepreneur focused on social causes and human development. In 2015, she founded Pearls Africa, an NGO that provides advancement and learning opportunities to young girls and women in Africa.

"We want girls to be creators of tech, not mere users. Watching them write code is beautiful. Many of them never touched a computer before they got here. It's mind-blowing. The joy on their faces, that's more than money. I can't buy it."

Shannon Melissa Chan

Dr. Shannon has devoted her career to research in the oncology field and has also shown her devotion to humanitarian causes by joining Doctors Without Borders in 2014. Since then, she has supported surgical missions in more vulnerable countries with a shortage of resources or facing moments of conflict, or war.

She believes that everyone, regardless of background, should be provided with access to proper medical care.

"Find your meaning in life and do things that make you happy".

Vuslat Dogan Sabanci

Vuslat is a Turkish business leader and human rights activist. She has led content and policies within her role to advocate for social empowerment, gender equality, freedom of expression, and the rights of minorities.

She also launched a platform - the "Rightful Woman Platform" - in collaboration with 42 NGOs to support and provide a voice to women in politics.

"You need to be actively present to listen, and listening needs courage".

Angelika Sharygina

Angelika is a United Nations and TEDx speaker on misinformation, where she raises awareness on the importance of identifying this harmful content. She is also a humanitarian, researcher, and policy advisor.

In 2024, she founded Stealth Startup, to help children combat misinformation and inspire the development of a new generation of critical thinkers.

She has been recognized as a Young Leader by the Digital Opportunity Trust and World Economic Forum Global Shapers, and featured in the "133 Women Who Change the World 2023", for her outstanding work and contribution to society.

Hope you enjoyed our list of inspiring women leaders and change agents around the world.

How are you contributing to positive change?

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